If you've landed here, you probably need a website.

And I’m here to tell you that you do not need to hire anybody or buy any expensive services to get a fantastic website for your creative brand.  Welcome to Art Resourcery!  It is my mission to gather all the tools artists need to create a professional online presence, all in one place. 

Our free tutorials will help you learn all the basics of presenting and promoting your art online.

Wait, I know nothing about code or building websites. Can I still 'DIY'?

Absolutely!  This DIY directory for artists contains links to our ever-expanding archive of resources for art entrepreneurs.  Our free step-by-step tutorials will easily and clearly guide you through creating your own artist website.  After that, we’ll help you hone your artist brand, and give you all sorts of guidance and resources for marketing and promoting your art online. 

On this website, I cover two ways you can build your very own artist’s website from scratch.  Both have different difficulty and time commitment levels.  

Review your options below, and click through to the free tutorial of your choice.

1. 100% Free Artist Website


You can’t beat free, but you also get what you pay for.  This option can be used to create a perfectly functional portfolio website that shows off your art in a minimal way.  There aren’t a lot of style options, and unlike a WordPress website, it doesn’t have thousands of available integrations, social media feeds, mailing list collecting pop-ups, template control, or any of the fancy moving elements modern art collectors are used to seeing on the internet.  Still, it’s a great way to plan out your WordPress site’s layout and page content, and works well as a temporary art portfolio if you’re short on time.

Click the button below to build your website the 100% FREE way, using a basic template with a free Gmail account.

2. A Professional Artist's Website

The only thing you need to buy is hosting.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EASY – MODERATE.  No special skills needed other than focus.
TIME COMMITMENT: 2 HOURS – A WEEK.  It depends on the size of your portfolio.
PRICE: $2.95 a month

That will get you a domain, hosting, and SSL certificate from most reputable hosting companies.  That’s really all you need to set up a gorgeous WordPress website.  There are AMAZING plugins you can buy all over the internet if you want to make things extra fancy, but you don’t really need any of those to create a professional artist website.

Click the button below to build your art website the professional way, using the WordPress content management system.  You will have your own domain name and web hosting package.  This method also gets you a much more professional looking portfolio website.