Imagination governs the world. - Art Quote by Napoleon Bonaparte

Napolean on Imagination.

“Imagination governs the world.”
– Napoleon Bonaparte


It’s easy for people to get swept up into the flow of everyday reality, and forget this. And that leads to a normal life. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless there is something exceptional inside you, kicking to be released. And then it is not enough to go with the flow. This is why the artists set themselves apart from the flow: so we can guide and redirect it. People often forget that we are governed by these invisible forces. Creativity, urgency, desire, vision. This is the power of the artist. We never forget. We ARE. We exist with a capital E. Never forget that your imagination is what shapes your reality. If the world is not beautiful enough, colorful enough, danced enough… beautify it. Color it! Dance it! Heed the visions bursting from your seams. Honor your imagination and it will give you limitless gifts.

What kind of art is bubbling up inside you, asking to be dreamed into the world?


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