I hope you’re all safe out there! Tonight, I’m sharing an artist admin resource that will be useful for anyone who runs an art or handmade goods business. With a few changes in the text, it could also be used by gig musicians and all sorts of other creative professionals/hobbyists. Why do I need this, you ask? It’s an…

  • ART PRICE CALCULATOR: This is a Google spreadsheet workbook that automatically calculates the price of your artwork based on details you enter, using the square inch + physical expenses method, and easy to update over time as your value goes up.
  • Inventory/price list
  • It tracks whether you’ve added the new work to your website or store, and what platforms it’s being sold on, so you can keep them all current.
  • It tracks (some) deductible expenses (for tax purposes), expected and actual sale prices, and how much of that goes to the gallery or to paying platform fees (like Saatchi, Etsy, etc.)
  • It auto-populates a tab where you can keep your collectors’ information for easy reference.
  • There’s a tab for your frequent shipping company/ art handlers’ info.

    Basically, this does a LOT to help you keep an organized price list, figure out where you’re making and losing money, and keep essential information organized, in one place.

    To get this free Google Workbook into your drive, go to THIS GOOGLE SPREADSHEET.

    When you get there, click FILE > MAKE A COPY, and save it to your own drive. That’s it. Easy! Feel free to share this with anyone who can use it. ENJOY!

    Like it? Have feature requests? Let me know in the comments below!

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