soft chewy gingersnap cookies recipe- gluten free

THE ART OF LAZY BAKING: Vegan Gingersnap Cookies Recipe

This isn’t normally a cooking & recipes blog, but I just had an EXTREME craving for old fashioned gingersnap cookies and had to share. The catch? I’m baking for a clan of gluten-free vegans. I scoured Pinterest for something that looked like my Grandmother’s cookies and discovered a fantastic vegan recipe blog called Nora Cooks.  She posted the most mouth-watering, chewy on the inside, crunchy on the outside cookies, and had to give them a try. With a few modifications, of course.  You can go try the original vegan gingersnap cookies recipe on Nora Cooks, over here. I’m sure it’s amazing.

Or if you want to try my **LAZY, *lo-fi gluten-free ginger cookies variation, stick around.

*By lo-fi I mean I just hand-stirred everything, because I couldn’t find the mixer.
**By LAZY, I mean I skipped most of the steps and just threw everything into the bowl at once. Hey, I warned you it was going to be lazy. Not cool with you? You have the link to the proper version up above.

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This is where the baking prep process gets really *GLAMOROUS*

Preheat the oven to 350° F
(Or 180° C, depending on where in the world you are.)

Dump all the ingredients together in a big bowl
…and smush them with a fork until it seems ~evenly mixed.

Put parchment paper on two cookie sheets.
No oil necessary, just the paper.

Use a spoon to scoop out the dough into ovals.
I used the heel of my hand to compress the dough, then slid it off by pushing it out with two fingers. *If you want it extra-crispy and snappy, use a teaspoon.  If you prefer a chewier ginger cookie, use a tablespoon.

Bake for 10 minutes or until the surfaces crack, then let cool for 10 minutes.  
They seem too squishy when you take them out, but trust the process.  They do firm up as they cool.  (As Nora warned, accidentally leaving some of them in for 14 minutes makes them extra-crispy.)

And this step is for people like me:


The tastiest ones were the teaspoon-sized ginger cookies that were in for 10 minutes.  They had a satisfying, grandma-worthy SNAP, and just the right amount of chewy goodness in the middle.  Using the orange lentil flour gave it a savory base that (surprisingly) complimented the molasses beautifully.  These were a crowd-pleaser, and I’ll certainly be making them again.  Carpe Cookies!  Thanks Nora!


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