Healthy Ginger Molasses Cookies – a vegan recipe with no added sugar

This ginger & molasses cookie recipe has no added sugars, is oil-free and gluten-free, so even though it tastes like a dessert, it’s actually a healthy snack!

If you want the classic super-sweet grandma-style gingersnap cookies recipe, get that HERE.  This is a very easy recipe that doesn’t require any fancy tools or kitchen gadgets.  Just a measuring cup, spoons, a big mixing bowl, and baking sheets.

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No Fuss 5-Step Molasses Ginger Cookies

1. Preheat the oven to 350° F
(Or 150° C, depending on where in the world you are.)

2. Put all the ingredients together in a big bowl
…and smush them with a fork, spoon, or potato masher until it seems ~evenly mixed.

3. Put parchment paper on two cookie sheets.
No oil necessary, just the paper.

4. Make flattened circles out of the dough and drizzle date syrup on top.
Roll the cookie dough into small balls and flatten them for the feeling of ginger coins.  Once they’re all on the sheet, use a spoon to drizzle a generous amount of celan over them.  If you want them extra sweet, you can also add a dollop of honey to the top of each for a volcano look.

5. Bake for 5-10 minutes: just until the surfaces crack, then let the cookies cool for 10 minutes.  
They seem too squishy when you take them out, but trust the process.  They do firm up as they cool.  (As Nora warned, accidentally leaving some of them in for 14 minutes makes them extra-crispy.)

And this step is for people like me: 


These are definitely not as sweet as a traditional gingersnap recipe, and feel a bit like a cookie-biscuit hybrid.  The tastiest ones were the ones with lots of celan on them, and just the right amount of chewy goodness in the middle.  The more dates you use inside, the better these taste.  Using the orange lentil flour gave it a savory base that (surprisingly) complimented the molasses beautifully.  If you make any modifications to this recipe, let me know how it went in the comments below!

healthy vegan ginger snap sugar-free cookies recipe

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