If you want to give exclusive content to your patrons, there's finally a plugin for that!

It’s really easy.  You just install the Patreon WordPress plugin, and you can integrate gated content into your website! This is a pretty fantastic new WordPress plugin for Patreon creators.


From your WordPress website dashboard, go to PLUGINS > ADD NEW > type PATREON WORDPRESS into the search bar, and press return/enter > INSTALL > ACTIVATE.  The plugin walks you through the set-up process from there.  It’s very easy!  If you prefer to download and manually install the plugin, you can use the button below to go to the plugin’s website.  After it’s installed, in WordPress, go to SETTINGS > PERMALINKS.  Under CUSTOM STRUCTURE, click anything except ‘plain’, then SAVE.

A quick and easy tutorial on the Patreon Plugin for WordPress

Posting Patron-only content from inside your WordPress Website.

This is almost the same as creating a normal post.

  • Log into your WordPress dashboard, and click POSTS > ADD NEW on the left.
  • Add content to your post the way you normally would.
  • Before publishing, on the right-hand side of your post editor (not the Elementor editor, the standard WordPress one), under PATREON LEVEL, select an option from the dropdown, then click UPDATE to save your post. 
  • In the example post image to the left, you’ll see a note at the bottom letting me know that this is Patron-only content.  

What happens when a non-patron tries to access the post from the blog archive?

If you want to see what happens when someone isn’t logged in as a patron, try to read this Patron-only post, for my wonderful $5 and up Patreons.  They get printable planners, calendars, and gifts, among other things. 

PATREON PERK ALERT: If you already support Art Resourcery on Patreon for $5 and up, you have access to our entire ever-expanding library of printable planners, productivity spreadsheets, and calendars.

Are you one of them? Contact us to claim your pre-made art website as a reward! 

You can just copy/paste this text into an email to get your ready-made website set up for you in advance:  

“Hi I’m supporting Art Resourcery on Patreon using this name: [fill in your name here] at the [tell us which] level, and I’m ready to claim my reward of a [let us know which you qualify for: Google Site or WordPress Site].  I can be reached at [your email address].  Thanks!”

Send your email to contact [at] ArtResourcery.com, or contact us directly through Patreon.

Due to the volume of messages we receive, please allow up to two business days for a reply, although most of the time we are able to reply within the hour.  Once we’ve confirmed that you qualify for the requested reward, we will contact you right away with your prize information.  If you chose the Google Site, we’ll transfer a completed theme with the sample data in it right away (just like you see on the demo site below).  If you chose the WordPress site, we’ll contact you to coordinate the next steps.

You can follow us for free, and get access to bonus content as we post it!

If you do choose to support our efforts, you are invited to join us on Patreon, at any level you choose.  Donating even a cup of coffee per month is a HUGE help!   This blog runs on nothing but coffee [and the sparkle of magic wands…  so, basically just coffee…].  We have a ton of perks, freebies and rewards on Patreon for our Art Resourcery Wizards. 

If you’re short on cash, but want to help grow this project, you can also contribute by submitting an educational post to the Art Resourcery blog!

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